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Ybbs an der Donau

Ybbs an der Donau is a city in Austria. It was established in 1317. Throughout the town, from the intersection of the important trade routes and along the Danube the town has preserved a site that already had great economic importance during the Middle Ages. This is the reason for the very early award of incorporation as a town.

Coat of arms


On a silver shield lies a red city wall with battlements that an open gate and raised portcullis, which are dominated by two towers. Between the towers floats a green Linden bough, and the red-white-red Bindenschild.

Colors: Red-White-Red

Coat of Arms Bestowal: unknown; at least since the 14th century.


During the Roman Empire, a group of Egyptians lived here and built a temple dedicated to the goddess Isis. Isis lives on in the name Ybbs.

Business and Infrastructure

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