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Yatsushiro, Kumamoto

Yatsushiro is a city located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

As of March 31, 2017, the city has an estimated population of 129,358 and a population density of 190 persons per km2. The total area is 680.59 km2. It is the second largest city in the prefecture after Kumamoto City.

Yatsushiro City is situated on the aptly named Yatsushiro Sea in between Kumamoto and Ashikita City. It has several train lines that run through it as well as a Shinkansen line. In addition, the Kyushu Expressway and Minamikyushu Expressway converges here. The Yatsushiro District is known for connecting the east part of Kumamoto Prefecture with the west part which connects to Miyazaki Prefecture.

On August 1, 2005, Yatsushiro absorbed the towns of Kagami and Senchō, and the villages of Izumi, Sakamoto and Tōyō to create the new and expanded city of Yashushiro.

Yatsushiro is known locally for several products and dishes. The banpeiyu fruit bears a resemblance to hugely oversized grapefruits. Karashi Renkon is a specialty which is a lotus root stuffed in a mustard-like sauce called karashi. Basashi is raw horse meat and is considered a delicacy within Japan. It is often served with onion and ginger.

The city's landmarks include the ruins of Yatsushiro Castle and the often overlooked port area that offers magnificent views of the nearby Amakusa islands, Yatsuhiro Sea, and the local paper factory.

A flight of 777 stairs into the nearby mountains is located at one end of the town and is a popular attraction. The lookout point provides a panoramic view of the town and the coastal areas.

The main shopping area, the honmachi, is a covered arcade that runs for several city blocks. However, since the opening of two large malls nearby the area has been in decline.





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