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Schloss Gobelsburg is a winery in the Kamptal wine growing region in Lower Austria, some 50 miles to the north west of Vienna. The esteate produces both red and white wines.


The oldest archaeological finds at the Gobelsburg site date back some 4,000 years, and a castle of this name is mentioned in 1178. The Renaissance structure underlying the present face of the castle was renovated in baroque style in 1725. Having belonged to various aristocratic families, castle and grounds were sold to the Cistercian monks of the Zwettl monastery in 1740 and have been in its possession ever since. In 1996, the present managers, Eva and Michael Moosbrugger, took responsibility of the building and the winery, which is directed by Michael Moosbrugger.


Wine production at the castle dates back several centuries. After the taking over in 1996, Michael Moosbrugger (who was initially supported by wine producer Willi Bründlmayer) began reforming vineyard work and vinification according to strict quality standards. Of the 39 hectares under vines around the Kamptal village of Langenlois, Gobelsburg’s premium vineyards are the rocky, terraced Zöbinger Heiligenstein and Grub, mostly for Riesling, as well as the lower-lying Lamm and Gaisberg vineyards, whose sand and loess soils are mainly planted with Grüner Veltliner. The Grüner Veltliner varietal makes up 50% of total production, followed by Riesling (25%), St. Laurent (8%), Zweigelt and Pinot noir (both 6%), and Merlot (5%). Vineyard work is done exclusively by hand and mostly follows organic practice. A considerable proportion of Gobelsburg wines is exported.


Gobelsburg winemaking emphasizes traditional varietals and terroir expression. Oak casks are used sparingly and only for top Grüner Velliner and red wines, otherwise large barrels or steel tanks are used for vinification. Mostly natural yeasts are used for fermentation, and yeast contact is preferred for some premium wines. The Tradition line of wines is using methods drawn from historical winemaking practice.

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