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Sabang, Indonesia

Sabang is a City consisting of a main island and several smaller islands off the northern tip of Sumatra. The islands form a city within Aceh Special Region, Indonesia. The administrative centre is located on Weh Island, 17 km north of Banda Aceh. The city covers an area of 153.0 square kilometres and according to the 2010 census had a population of 30,653 people; the latest estimate is 32,271. Sabang is also known as the northernmost and westernmost city in Indonesia, located at 95.5 E, 6.0 N.

The Japanese occupied the island and installed numerous bunkers, fortifications and gun emplacements. Their remnants can still be seen, though most have been re-purposed or removed.


  1. Klah Island (0.186 km²)
  2. Rondo Island (0.650 km²)
  3. Rubiah Island (0.357 km²)
  4. Seulako Island (0.055 km²)
  5. Weh Island (121 km²)

Administrative districts

The city is divided into two districts (kecamatan), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:


Sabang has 18 villages in two districts (Sukajaya and Sukakarya). With the details, Sukajaya has 10 villages and Sukakarya has 8 villages


Sabang is served by the Maimun Saleh Airport. The airport is located southeast of the central city on Weh Island.

International sail tourism event

The City hosted an international sail tourism event in September 2011. The sail race was participated in by around 50 ships with 15 crew members each. Besides sailing they visited interesting places packed in a 'tsunami' tourism, visit Gapang Beach and Iboih Beach with enchanting underwater scenery.

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