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Prince Christian Sound

Prince Christian Sound is a waterway in Southern Greenland. It separates the mainland from Sammisoq and other islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago near the southernmost tip of Greenland. The name was given in honour of the prince, later king Christian VIII of Denmark.


The Prince Christian Sound connects the Labrador Sea with the Irminger Sea. It is around 100 km (60 miles) long and it is narrow, sometimes only 500 m (1500 ft) wide. There is only one settlement along this sound, Aappilattoq.

The long fjord system is mostly surrounded by steep mountains reaching over 1200 m height. Many glaciers going straight into its waters calving icebergs. There are often strong tidal currents limiting the formation of ice. It has many offshoots, such as Kangerluk Fjord to the north midway through the fjord, Ikeq Fjord in the south, and in the west Ilua Fjord, Ikerasaq Fjord (Akuliarutsip Imaa), Utoqqarmiut Fjord (Pamialluup Kujatinngua) and the Torsukattak Fjord.


The Prince Christian Sound offers beautiful scenery and several times every summer cruise ships go through this sound, sometimes as large as the Eurodam.


Prince Christian Sound has a maritime polar climate with low annual temperature swings for its latitude. Summers are way below the tree line requirements, whereas the long winters are comparatively mild for its high latitude.

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