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Parintins is a municipality in the far east of the Amazonas state, Brazil. It is part of a microregion also named Parintins. The population for the entire municipality was 109,150 and its area is 5,952 km². The city is located on Tupinambarana island in the Amazon River. Parintins is known for a popular folklore festival held there each June called Boi-Bumbá. It also was the site of an experimental deployment of WiMAX, sponsored by Intel, in late 2006.

It is served by Júlio Belém Airport.


Parintins, like nearly all other Brazilian municipalities, was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples. His discovery occurred in 1749 when going down the Amazon River, the exploiter José Gonçalves da Fonseca, noticed an island which, by extension excelled located on the right bank of the big river Amazon. The foundation of the town was only held in 1796, by José Pedro Cordovil, who came with his slaves and aggregates to concentrate on fishing arapaima and agriculture, calling the Tupinambarana. Queen Maria First gave him the island as a gift. Fixed, he founded a cocoa tree farm, dedicated to the farming of that product on a large scale. To get out of there, some time later, offered the island to the queen. Tupinambarana was accepted and elevated to the religious mission, in 1803, by Captain-mor of Pará, the Count of Arcos, who has directed mission of the Friar José das Chagas, receiving the title of Vila Nova da Rainha. Efficient performance of José provoked a surge of progress and development in the town, by the organization of the region of the upper Amazon. In July 1833 the village was transformed into a parish, with the name of the parish of Nossa Senhora do Carmo of Tupinambarana. Was still a simple parish when started a revolution in Grão-Pará, and spread throughout the province amazonian. The Vicar, father Antônio de Souza Neto, it's had outstanding performance during the sedition, served as a delegate against the revolutionaries in the lower Amazon River. Parintins maybe because was well defended, was spared the attacks of the night. On 24 October 1848, by the provincial law of Great-Para n° 146, elevated the town to the category of the village, with the name of Vila Bela Imperatriz, and constituted in the municipality until then connected the Maués. On day 15 October 1852, now in the province of Amazonas, by provincial law number two confirmed the creation of the municipality. Official on 14 March 1853 the installation of the city renamed for Parintins in 1880, honoring to the name of the tribe that inhabited the place before your foundation.


Municipality of Parintins is located in the state of Amazonas, is the second largest city in the state in numbers of inhabitants after Manaus, their distance is 369 km (229.28 mi) from the capital of Amazonas and 1757.62 km (109,213.44 mi) in straight line from Brasilia, the municipality is famous within the Brazil due the folk festival which takes place in June each year in town showing a bit of the indigenous Amazonian handicraft in your presentations, is located on the right bank of the Amazon River, in addition to serving as a trading post for the disposal of agricultural production of the Madeira River ongoing for to the Atlantic Ocean. There are two important district for city, the District of Mocambo and the District of Vila Amazonia.


Climate is tropical monsoon climate, isothermal (type Am i, according to Köppen), with the driest quarter in July to September (268 millimeters). The average annual temperature is 27.2 °C (80.96 °F) with the maximum thermal average 31.7 °C (89.06 °F) and the minimum average 24.3 °C (75.74 °F). The hottest month is October, which has an average temperature of 28.5 °C (83.3 °F), and, this month, the average of 33.7 °C (92.66 °F) maximum and minimum 24.7 °C (76.46 °F). The relative humidity is 83.5%, with an annual rainfall of 2302.2 millimeters (mm), with March the most precipitation (324.2 mm), annual insolation of 2 200 hours with a major record in the month of August. According to data from the National Institute of meteorology (INMET), for the period of 1967 to 1990 and from 1993, the lowest temperature recorded in Parintins was 12.9 °C (55.22 °F) on January 2, 1975 and the biggest hit 39 degrees Celsius on 7 January 1998. The highest accumulated rainfall in 24 hours was 173 mm on 29 November 1972. In March 1999 it was observed the greatest total volume of rain accumulated in a month of 773.3 mm, followed by 709.2 mm in January 2013.


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