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Nunligran is a village in Iultinsky District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. Population: 360 ; Municipally, Nunlingran is subordinated to Chukotsky Municipal District and incorporated as Nunligran Rural Settlement.


The settlement, about 180 km from Provideniya is a Chukchi village that replaced a Yupik village, indeed the name is derived from a combination of the two languages: "Nunalyk", the Yupik for "having a village" and "Ran", the Chukchi word for "Dwelling". It is not clear whether the Chukchi gradually became the dominant race in the village or whether they forced the Yupik out.

The village is situated on the shore of the Achchen lagoon, separated from the Bering Sea by a sandy spit.


The population according to the most recent census data is 360, of whom 191 were male and 169 female, a slight reduction on a 2006 estimate of 370.


The state Chukchi–Yupik ensemble "Ergyron" (lit. "Sunrise" in Chukchi) composed a song entitled Nunlingran.


Nunligran has a Tundra climate (ET) because the warmest month has an average temperature between 0 °C (32 °F) and 10 °C (50 °F).

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