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Muuga, Viimsi Parish

Muuga is a village in Viimsi Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia. It is located about 12 km northeast of the centre of Tallinn, just north of Maardu's district of Muuga aedlinn, on the coast of Muuga Bay. Half of the village's territory is occupied by the Port of Muuga. As of 2011 Census, the settlement's population was 581, of which the Estonians were 327.

Western part of Muuga is connected to the centre of Tallinn by Tallinn Bus Company's route nr. 38, average traveling time is about 35 minutes. The eastern part is reachable by route nr. 34A, average traveling time is also about 35 minutes but it is much more frequent.

Estonia's second largest glacial erratic Kabelikivi is located in Muuga. It is 18.7 m long, 14.9 m wide and 6.4 m high, above ground volume is 728 m³.

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