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Jenny Lind Island

Jenny Lind Island is a small island 420 km2 in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada. The island is located in the Queen Maud Gulf, about 120 km southeast of Cambridge Bay.

It is named for the Swedish born opera singer, Jenny Lind.


Characteristics of the terrain include rocky ridges, low-lying wetlands, sedge meadows, and a sandy shoreline.


Jenny Lind Island is a Canadian Important Bird Area (#NU088), and a Key Migratory Terrestrial Bird Site. Notable bird species include Canada goose, lesser snow goose, and Ross's goose.

Muskoxen are found in the south east section of the island.


The island is uninhabited but still has an active North Warning System. Originally part of the Distant Early Warning Line, the site is known as CAM-1.

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