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Isla Santa Catalina

Isla Santa Catalina, officially known as Isla Catalana, is an island in the Gulf of California east of the Baja California Peninsula. The island is uninhabited and is part of the Loreto Municipality.

The island is located south of the Gulf of California and is located 25 km from the peninsula of Baja California. It has about 13 km long and 4 km wide maximum with total area of 39.273 square kilometers. Isla Catalana, being uninhabited, is separated by the sea from the nearest town, Loreto, which lies about 60 km away.

Official name

The official and traditional name of the island is “Isla Catalana”. The confusion was caused by some documents of cartographic service of the United States, that wrote in a chart the name “Isla Santa Catalina”.

Originally named Isla Catalan, it was frequently called Isla Catalana. In the mid 1850s when the U.S. Navy charted the Gulf the mapmakers changed the name to Isla Santa Catalina.

In some scientific papers, authors use both names. The official Mexican and the one that became international by error.





Isla Catalana has 10 species of reptiles, including the following seven endemic species.

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