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Hjeltefjorden is a fjord in Hordaland county, Norway. The 35-kilometre long fjord runs north-south between many islands leading from the open ocean to the city of Bergen. Its name is derived from Hjaltland, the Old Norse name for Shetland. The main shipping routes from Bergen to Shetland ran through the Hjeltefjorden.

The Hjeltefjorden is a major shipping route into Bergen, and it runs from the island of Fedje in the north to Byfjorden in the south. It is delimited to the west by the islands of Øygarden and Sotra and to the east by the islands of Radøy, Holsnøy, Herdla and Askøy.

The Hjeltefjorden was the site of the closing stages of the Battle of Alvøen in 1808.

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