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Fraser, British Columbia

Fraser, British Columbia is a location on the Klondike Highway in northwestern British Columbia. It has no permanent residents or businesses. A Canada Border Services Agency port of entry is located here, along with a Yukon territorial government highway maintenance camp and a privately owned micro-hydro project that provides power. Housing in the area is rented out for customs employees and highway workers. Telephone and internet service is provided from the Carcross, Yukon telephone exchange and thus carries the area code 867.

Historically, Fraser is a railroad station on the White Pass and Yukon Route railway; unimportant for many years since conversion to diesel locomotives, today, the railway uses Fraser for a terminus of tourist train operations, where passengers can transfer between buses and trains. Railroad rehabilitation works to the north are sometimes staged from Fraser.

The locality's name is pronounced / by locals and Yukoners, but Skagwegians pronounce it /.

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