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Engers is an district of Neuwied on the right banks of the river Rhine in Germany located next to Koblenz in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Engers has 5,367 inhabitants. It is highwater-endangered by its direct contact with the river Rhine.

City history

Tourist attractions

A well known tourist attractions in the region of Neuwied and Koblenz is the Engers chateau. It was built around 1760 by the aristocrat Johann Philip von Waldersdorff as a summer-residence and hunting lodge. Today it is a popular touristic attraction for its music-events and touristic guidings.

The old city hall (built around 1642) and the princely inn "Schloss-Schenke" (built 1621) are placed directly in front of the Engers chateau.

Engers station was built 1869 as an importance junction for passenger and freight transport on the East Rhine Railway between Koblenz and Cologne.


Nocturnal guided walkings through the town are conducted twice a month. Their invention was a surprising success.

It's an old tradition of hikers to throw clippies into the Rhine at the Engers banks.

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