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Ambrym is a volcanic island in Malampa Province in the archipelago of Vanuatu. Volcanic activity on the island includes lava lakes in two craters near the summit.


Like many islands in Vanuatu, Ambrym has its own Austronesian languages. In the north is the North Ambrym language, in the southeast is the Southeast Ambrym language, in the south Daakaka language, in the west Lonwolwol language, and in the southwest Port Vato language. These are all spoken by a few hundred to a few thousand speakers each.

The kinship system used by natives of Ambrym can be modeled by a non-commutative group.

Nearby small islands to the south

Towns and villages





Tourists are attracted by Ambrym's unique features: the active volcanoes, the tropical vegetation, and the customs of the local villagers. They stay in traditional bungalows, as there are no hotels on the island.


The island is served by two airports, Ulei Airport in the southeast and Craig Cove Airport in the southwest.

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